Thursday, March 31, 2011


The 13th is our date. We have until then to prepare for our transition from this house to another. Needless to say we are offically in the middle of packing craziness! In order to keep the sanity/productivity up I have been mixing runs of packing/ editing/ and playing with the kids. However, everyone is the same time...and I am taking a break from it all. I came across this image over the weekend. It makes me smile everytime I look at it. Thought I would share...

Happy Thursday! May your day be filled with laughter and love!

Thursday, March 24, 2011


Individually they are night and day different. He is quiet, reserved, and soft spoken while she is outgoing, artistic, and adventurous. Yet, together they are the perfect sibling match up. Both are loving, kind, and extremely playful. Don't let Mr. C's quiet reserve fool you, he is quite the jokester and super funny! Miss M was up for almost everything I put her up to, and rocked it out of the park modeling her custom Silly Ili's outfit! A huge thanks goes out to Kristen for styling M and assisting the day of!

When mom called to update the previous year's images she was looking for a way to capture not only the relationship between the kids but, also who C and M are individually. Mr. C is creative and loves to play video games. His favorite, in fact, is World of War Craft. His sister, Miss M, at the age of 6 won Best in Grade as a kindergartner for her dog painting, Poke-A-Dot, that was entered in the annual Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows. She was interviewed by Cindy Ziewogel with Katy Texas Lifestyle & Homes Magazine. During the interview Miss M mentioned she wanted to be a tattoo artist. Knowing all of this and talking with mom it hit me- "How great would it be to have M giving C a tattoo while he was playing his itouch." Thus the back alley tattoo shop....

I literally stumbled upon this old building the day of the session & knew we needed to incorporate it! The building is gorgeous and showcases the kids perfectly!

I had the best time watching Mr. C and Miss M interact with each other. As a parent of two little ones myself, there is nothing I want more for my own children than for them to have a relationship like these two! Mom and Dad, you were troopers! I appreciate you letting me hang out with your kids all afternoon! It was a privilege.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


March is our birth month here at Kari Polak Photography and we are in the mood to celebrate all month long! During this month we are going to offer exclusive mini sessions to our Facebook Fans and Twitter Followers.

March Madness Mini Sessions:

  • Dates, times, and general locations will be announced 2 days prior to the actual mini session date.

  • Dates, times, and general locations will only be announced on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

  • First 5 participants to respond accordingly to Posts and Tweets will win a complimentary 20 min. session at designated location.

  • Must preorder a portrait collection within 24hrs to reserve session time on date specified, collection menu will be emailed in order of responses. If one of the first 5 participants declines the next sequential participant will be notified.

  • Once Portrait Collection order is collected, specific location information and directions will be emailed

  • Due to the short time frame of these sessions, Portrait Collection Pre-orders are non-refundable upon client cancellation, sessions will be transferred to the next available date.

Are you ready for some "March Madness"?....