Thursday, July 14, 2011


June was a month of traveling for us. If you have done any amount of vacationing then you know it is a difficult state of mind to climb out of. I am just getting around to sharing some of the images of our travels this summer. One of the places my husband and I were fortunate to visit was Play Del Carmen. The wonderful folks at Southland Stucco and Masonry treated a handful of business associates and their spouses to a relaxing 4 day, 3 night get away at the Royal Hideaway Resort. I cannot adequately express my gratitude nor describe their hospitality and generosity. This was more than a trip to was a gift of leisure and no responsibility. To think... I slept in, went to the spa, lounged by the pool, rocked my new Kate Spades , and READ A BOOK- no diapers, preparing food, or washing endless mountains of dishes! No this wasn't just a trip... it was a dream perfectly choreographed to the break in reality I so desperately needed! Many thanks to Jon, Amy, and Terry for such a great weekend. You guys out did yourselves!

These images are some of my findings around the resort and in town. In an effort to travel as light as possible I left my camera at home and used the camera on my phone.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Anything outdoors", she energetically stated. I listened intently over the phone as she described how her sweet family of three loves to hunt, fish, and just spend time outside. Living close enough to the river to just go on a whim is a luxury most wish they had during these more than hot summer days. "We go down there as much as we can. We love to fish, hunt, and to be outside." - S, N and B, I had so much fun with you all! Thank you for being troopers and hanging in there with me. You guys make it look sooo easy.

N, you make the outdoors look good! enhancement...those eyes are just that AWESOME!