Wednesday, August 3, 2011


Sweltering. Unrelenting. HEAT. We have all experienced some sort of ridiculous heat this summer and because so, I have to start this post simply by saying THANK YOU to my amazing friends for sticking (no pun intended) with me during our time together. Sure, I am use to walking away from a session needing a change of clothes and a shower, but my clients...not so much. However, we were all ready to jump in a near by lake. fully. clothed.
This sweet family has been friends of ours for years. We have gone to parties together while dating, participated in each others weddings, and shared in the joy and excitement of adding members to our families. I am honored to have had the chance to share in yet another milestone...Mr. C being 2!
Mr. C is all boy. He loves monster trucks, his mom, throwing rocks at frogs, playing in the water, wrestling with dad, and all things Spider-Man! He has got a killer personality and a belly laugh like no other. What a gift you are Mr. C! I loved every second of playing with you!

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