Thursday, December 29, 2011


New Year's is days away I know, however, I simply could not let this year come to an end without a huge shout out to my new friend - Jill Efussy- with Stamped Paper Co!  She has been the magic behind my kids birthday invites and our current Christmas Card!!  To say I would have been lost this year without her is a gross understatement.  It's true, we have never met in real life but after lengthy emails, phone calls, and texts - I feel like I have known her for years!!!  She is simply amazing.  She is kinda my hero in the way that she took my sketchy scanned drawings and turned them into something beautiful...

Front Cover:
First Spread:
Middle Spread:
Last Spread:
Back Cover:

My kids were the inspiration for this year's card with their obsession for all things tents and S'mores.  We have made fort after fort in the house, so I thought it would be a fun twist to take it to the woods. After all, isn't that where a person is suppose to pitch a tent??!  The kids had a blast decorating the tree, camping, and eating S'mores.  Both thought it was super silly that they were sporting slippers & jammies in the woods.  This was the first year we actually set up a themed session and I loved every second of shooting it.  (Don't get me wrong.  My kids are not super cooperative because I am a photographer.  There was bribing, and begging, along with minor boughts of rebellion.  But the end result was worth it.) I feel a new tradition coming on as I am already looking forward to next year's card.

Albeit late, Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  Hope it was a great one.

Credits and Stylings:
cards: Jill- Stamped Paper Co.
kids jammies:  J.CREW
slippers: Target
tree: my great friends K&B
outdoor glass bulb lights:
models:  my two cuties
tent:  made by hubby

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