Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Filled with a natural curiosity of the world around them and an abundance of energy- the kind grown ups long for, Misters E & J jumped, ran, and dug their way through their time with me.  I love when I get to play right along side the cuties I photograph.  Both of these handsome young men are hilarious and totally comfortable in front of the camera.    

  Can't you just see this little guy years from now, and handsome as ever, melting all the little girls hearts!  Look at that sweet face.  And his big bro...

Along with Mr. E's natural swagger in the black and white below, the mustache totally makes this image!  Watch out mom, you have a couple of heart breakers on your hands!!

 I just couldn't resist posting the last two images.  Between shots there was a lot of playing and walking.  Lots. of. walking.  The black and white below is of Mr. E as he was trying to high step it out of the yucky oak pollen.  Somewhere along the way it all became too much.  I love this image for numerous reasons like his expression, the details, but most of all the way it reminds me of  being a parent.  Watching and walking in quiet support from the sidelines until encouragement is needed -reaching in to comfort and help carry the load.

Then there is this image that stirs up delicious memories of being a kid and exploring the great big world.  

Thanks for a great evening B Family. You all are amazing- it was a true pleasure.

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